Quality control

Quality is the foundation of Best2U Group, which is why we invest in a wide range of inspection equipment and strategically test and train our inspection staff to run and understand all aspects of the equipment. We are pleased to provide full inspection services to ensure parts meet your specifications.

From raw material incoming to products shipment,we control every step to ensure all these are absolutely according to the customer's requirements.All products should have 4 steps during the whole manufacturing process:
Raw material inspection
In processing inspection
Final inspection
Outgoing inspection

Precision Parts Machining Quality Control Process Work Flow

Equipment for quality Show:

America’s FARO laser tracker, degree of accuracy ± 0.003 mm, (± 0.00012 "), no matter what components sizes they are, it can still carry out high-precise measurement even in the bad environment, and the farthest measurement range reachs 70 meters. It is able to realize precision detection for large mechanical parts .